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FS#4254 — IOS TestL3VlanMet
Incident Report for Network & Infrastructure
test on SXIxx, no problem with SXFxx.

There is a problem on 3 10G cards that, during the booting process,
have a \"Minor Error\" at the multicast level:

#sh diagnostic result module 10
Overall Diagnostic Result for Module 10 : MINOR ERROR
22) TestL3VlanMet -------------------> F

After checking it with Cisco, it appears to be a bug
in diagnosis on the shutdown, which is limited
by the command \"mls rate-limit multicast ipv4 fib-miss\".
The diagnosis cannot be done properly as it is limited
by a protection.

A \"no mls rate-limit multicast ipv4 fib-miss\" and then a
card reboot confirm that the card is correct. and if there's
any need of multicast, it'll ignore the problem.
Posted Jun 03, 2010 - 10:42 UTC