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Incident Report for Network & Infrastructure
Le lien Bruxelle/Amsterdam est down. On cherche l'origine du probleme
(probablement fiber cut).


Date: 2009-11-11 17:37:42 UTC
Work to install the replacement ducts continues to progress on schedule.
Once the duct is installed the new cable length will be pulled in.
Estimated time for commencement of splicing is 17:00GMT.
2 x cable joining teams will be available to complete the splicing.

The construction of new ducts is complete and splicing will now start.

Work to install the replacement ducts has been completed.
Splicing to begin shortly

Correction....Splicing already in progress

All alarms look to have cleared on the PEC OLS systems & AC1 systems

Fibre team has reported all splice work complete.

le service est up.

Nous avons corrigé le routage pour passer les packets suivantes
la configuration normale.

Date: 2009-11-11 12:24:25 UTC
Location of fibre cut is at Leiden which is 71.434 km from Amsterdam on the 113km section between Amsterdam & Rotterdam.
This has been caused by civil contractors carrying out Asphalt road surfacing. They have carried the surfacing too far &
have damaged a 20 metre section of ducting & all fibres inside it. The site of the break has to have the heavy
machinery cleared away & new ducting installed before fibres can be spliced. Estimated time for ducting to be put in
place is 17:00 CET. Fibres hope to be re-spliced by 18:00 CET

Les travaux qui ont coupé la fibre se font à Leiden.,+Hollande-M%C3%A9ridionale,+Pays-Bas&daddr=Leiden,+pays+bas+to:Amsterdam,+Hollande+Septentrionale,+Pays-Bas&hl=fr&geocode=FQJHGAMdAzhEACmbzBm0WTPERzGbVLwDv_qKIA%3BFT_qGwMdqYNEACntXaD-jcbFRzEHlCTQipEGAA%3BFSkpHwMdN6FKAClN_N7pjwnGRzGQdB6NWt4ABA&mra=ls&sll=52.14822,4.674645&sspn=0.604203,1.234589&ie=UTF8&ll=52.149501,4.621124&spn=0.60418,1.234589&z=10

Date: 2009-11-11 12:19:52 UTC
la fibre est bien coupé. au niveau de Rotterdam.
48 Fibre cable between Amsterdam & Rotterdam. Raising the Fibre Maintainers

Date: 2009-11-11 11:52:31 UTC
Il s'agit en effet d'une coupure d'un cable optique de 48 fibres entre Rotterdam et Amsterdam. Une équipe se rend sur place pour réaliser les mesures otdr et localiser l'emplacement exact de la coupure.

Date: 2009-11-11 10:34:06 UTC
On a annulé les annonces qui viennent d'Amsterdam.
Le trafic vers Vienne a été redirigé via Milano.
=> le trafic vers Varsovie se passe mieux.

On attend la confirmation de la coupure de la fibre
et le delai de reparation.
Posted Nov 11, 2009 - 09:50 UTC