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  • Under maintenance
Device upgrade on BHS
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
We're going to proceed with a software upgrade on every top of rack devices impacted by a software bug, located in BHS.
The maximum expected impact is a 10 min traffic disruption.
Maintenance window starts at 07h00 UTC and ends at 10h00 UTC on the 13th of September.


Date: 2018-09-11 19:55:11 UTC
Affected racks:
Rack: T06D29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor57b-n3
Rack: T06D27 Switch: bhs6-sdtor58a-n3
Rack: T06E04 Switch: bhs6-sdtor65b-n3
Rack: T06E07 Switch: bhs6-sdtor68b-n3
Rack: B703A10 Switch: bhs7-sdtor32a-n3
Rack: B703A10 Switch: bhs7-sdtor32b-n3
Rack: B703A11 Switch: bhs7-sdtor33a-n3
Rack: B703A11 Switch: bhs7-sdtor33b-n3
Rack: B703A12 Switch: bhs7-sdtor34a-n3
Rack: B703A12 Switch: bhs7-sdtor34b-n3
Rack: B703A13 Switch: bhs7-sdtor35a-n3
Rack: B703A13 Switch: bhs7-sdtor35b-n3
Rack: B703A14 Switch: bhs7-sdtor36a-n3
Rack: B703A14 Switch: bhs7-sdtor36b-n3
Rack: B703A15 Switch: bhs7-sdtor37a-n3
Rack: B703A15 Switch: bhs7-sdtor37b-n3
Rack: B702B05 Switch: bhs7-sdtor38a-n3
Rack: B702B05 Switch: bhs7-sdtor38b-n3
Rack: B702A03 Switch: bhs7-sdtor3a-n3
Rack: B702A03 Switch: bhs7-sdtor3b-n3
Rack: B702A04 Switch: bhs7-sdtor4a-n3
Rack: B702A04 Switch: bhs7-sdtor4b-n3
Rack: B702A05 Switch: bhs7-sdtor5a-n3
Rack: B702A05 Switch: bhs7-sdtor5b-n3
Rack: B702A06 Switch: bhs7-sdtor6a-n3
Rack: B702A06 Switch: bhs7-sdtor6b-n3
Rack: B702A08 Switch: bhs7-sdtor7a-n3
Rack: B702A08 Switch: bhs7-sdtor7b-n3
Rack: B702A07 Switch: bhs7-sdtor8a-n3
Rack: B702A07 Switch: bhs7-sdtor8b-n3
Rack: B702A09 Switch: bhs7-sdtor9a-n3
Rack: B702A09 Switch: bhs7-sdtor9b-n3
Posted Sep 11, 2018 - 16:18 UTC