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SYD Core Network
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
In order to improve the datacenter network in Sydney we are going to change our Core routers.
These new Core routers will connect the datacenter in 100G links to the OVH Backbone. sgp-g1/2-a72 will be replaced by syd1-sy2-g1/2-nc5.

This maintenance is scheduled on Tuesday 27th of February at 05:00AM (Sydney time - 06:00PM UTC time on the 26th of February 2018)



Date: 2018-02-26 20:38:31 UTC
The new router is in production. Due to the time, we have to postpone the installation of syd1-sy2-g2-nc5

Date: 2018-02-26 20:10:11 UTC
The new router syd1-sy2-g1-nc5 is up and running. We are going to check all the configuration before to put it back in production

Date: 2018-02-26 18:20:55 UTC
We are going to replace syd-g1-a72 by syd1-sy2-g1-nc5

Date: 2018-02-26 18:13:16 UTC
The isolation of syd-g1-a72 has been done. We replace it

Date: 2018-02-26 18:01:50 UTC
We are going to start the maintenance
Posted Feb 23, 2018 - 07:45 UTC