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FS#14636 — sbg2-15a-n56
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
When starting SBG2, the couple sbg2-15a / b-n56 have been installed in the same rack.
Electric conections are nevertheless different between the two nexus.

The purpose of this intervention is to move one of the two other nexus in a rack to have a physical redundancy of 2 racks.
We will carry out this operation on the night of Monday 14th to Tuesday 15th at midnight.

There should not be any downtime for customers' servers because the FEXS are Dual Attach on the 2 nexus.

Here the action plan:
- We will isolate the FEXS on sbg2-15a-n6 => traffic will be forwarded by sbg2-15b-n6
- We will cut the electrical connection-sbg2-15a n6 then move it
- We will get the VPC up between A and B
- We will reinstate the FEX on A => traffic will be load balanced again between A and B
Posted Sep 09, 2015 - 17:48 UTC