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FS#4342 — Routing improvement
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
TN ATI (AS2609 via Seabone/Palermo
TN ATI (AS2609 via Interoute/Marseille

We can see them via 2 networks: Interoute and Seabone. They see us
via Seabone. We have to test the traffic flow
via Seabone at the level of Paris, Frankfurt and Milano.
The best result is that which we have now: Milano.

We have also asked Interoute to introduce the peering
on Paris (in addition to London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milano, Vienne
and Prague). The traffic is more direct Paris/Marseille (instead of


Date: 2010-09-02 10:59:02 UTC
PT Vodafone (AS12353

We see 12353 via 34419 via 3356. Instead of routing packets
via London, we passed the traffic through Paris.

Date: 2010-09-02 10:57:39 UTC
MA Marocco (AS6713 via Telefonica/Madrid
MA Marocco (AS6713 via Tiscali/Marseille
MA Marocco (AS6713 via Seabone/Marseille

AS6713 is seen through three different networks and it is not
multihome. We must therefore work prefix by prefix.

The prefix seen by Telefonica are now routed through
Madrid (DTAG). The traffic passes through the south of
Spain/North of Morocco. It's then the shortest path.

The prefix seen by Tiscali: there was no direct link
with Tiscali. We run the traffic through Tata that peers with
Tiscali in Paris. The traffic will go then to Marseille and
it is taken down there by AS6713. It's the shortest path.

Similarly for Seabone prefix, we first routed
via Frankfurt but the traffic making a tour of Paris/Frankfurter/Marseille.
We have put into place last week he 10G port with
Seabone in Paris and we pass directly to Paris. The traffic
will then go to Marseille and it was taken there by AS6713.

Date: 2010-09-02 10:51:53 UTC
ES Telefonica (AS3352
change of the surveillance IP to

We move the traffic to Telefonica via DTAG at Madrid.
We receive it also via DTAG at Madrid.
We wait for the introducing of a 2nd 10G with OTI
in order to have redundancy towards Telefonica at Madrid.
We have 4x10G between Paris and Madrid via 2 different paths.
In fact, the network between Paris and Madrid has been reinforced
with 2x10G from gsw-1 and 2x10G from gsw-2
via 2 different paths. We will see the stability.

Date: 2010-09-02 10:45:45 UTC
ES Euskaltel (AS12338
We can see them via Interoute, but via London.
We have asked for the peering introducing
on Paris and we have noticed that we have
the peering with Interoute at Madrid. We
move the traffic via Madrid now.
Posted Jul 07, 2010 - 12:59 UTC