OVHCloud Network Status

Current status
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  • Degraded performance
  • Partial Outage
  • Major Outage
  • Under maintenance
Device upgrade on RBX
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
We're going to proceed with a software upgrade on every top of rack devices impacted by a software bug, located in RBX.
The maximum expected impact is a 10 min traffic disruption.
Maintenance window starts at 21h00 UTC on 13th September and ends at 04h00 UTC on the 14th of September.


Date: 2018-09-14 01:45:04 UTC
All N3K have been upgraded.

Date: 2018-09-11 17:06:28 UTC
Rack affected:
Rack: 54C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor100a-n3
Rack: 54C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor100b-n3
Rack: 55C15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor101a-n3
Rack: 55C15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor101b-n3
Rack: 56B10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor102a-n3
Rack: 56B10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor102b-n3
Rack: 54C24 Switch: rbx4-sdtor103a-n3
Rack: 54B25 Switch: rbx4-sdtor104a-n3
Rack: 54B25 Switch: rbx4-sdtor104b-n3
Rack: 56B09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor105a-n3
Rack: 56B09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor105b-n3
Rack: 54C08 Switch: rbx4-sdtor106a-n3
Rack: 54C08 Switch: rbx4-sdtor106b-n3
Rack: 53B04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor107a-n3
Rack: 53B04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor107b-n3
Rack: 55B03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor109a-n3
Rack: 55B03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor109b-n3
Rack: 54B17 Switch: rbx4-sdtor10b-n3
Rack: 54A02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor111a-n3
Rack: 54A02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor111b-n3
Rack: 56B04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor112a-n3
Rack: 56B04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor112b-n3
Rack: 53C11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor115a-n3
Rack: 53C11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor115b-n3
Rack: 56B20 Switch: rbx4-sdtor116a-n3
Rack: 56B20 Switch: rbx4-sdtor116b-n3
Rack: 55C09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor121a-n3
Rack: 55C09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor121b-n3
Rack: 55C04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor122b-n3
Rack: 54C06 Switch: rbx4-sdtor12a-n3
Rack: 54C06 Switch: rbx4-sdtor12b-n3
Rack: 54C05 Switch: rbx4-sdtor15a-n3
Rack: 54C05 Switch: rbx4-sdtor15b-n3
Rack: 54B13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor16a-n3
Rack: 54B13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor16b-n3
Rack: 54C07 Switch: rbx4-sdtor17a-n3
Rack: 54C07 Switch: rbx4-sdtor17b-n3
Rack: 54B18 Switch: rbx4-sdtor1b-n3
Rack: 56B12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor29a-n3
Rack: 56B12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor29b-n3
Rack: 54B19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor2a-n3
Rack: 54B19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor2b-n3
Rack: 55A02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor38a-n3
Rack: 55A02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor38b-n3
Rack: 53C04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor39a-n3
Rack: 53C04 Switch: rbx4-sdtor39b-n3
Rack: 53B15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor40a-n3
Rack: 53B15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor40b-n3
Rack: 53C03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor42a-n3
Rack: 53C03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor42b-n3
Rack: 56C09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor43a-n3
Rack: 56C09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor43b-n3
Rack: 53B14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor44a-n3
Rack: 53B14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor44b-n3
Rack: 53B16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor45a-n3
Rack: 53B16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor45b-n3
Rack: 53B02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor46a-n3
Rack: 53B02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor46b-n3
Rack: 56C05 Switch: rbx4-sdtor47a-n3
Rack: 56C05 Switch: rbx4-sdtor47b-n3
Rack: 56C11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor48a-n3
Rack: 56C11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor48b-n3
Rack: 53C19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor49a-n3
Rack: 53C19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor49b-n3
Rack: 54B14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor4b-n3
Rack: 53C22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor50a-n3
Rack: 53C22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor50b-n3
Rack: 53C20 Switch: rbx4-sdtor51a-n3
Rack: 53C20 Switch: rbx4-sdtor51b-n3
Rack: 53C24 Switch: rbx4-sdtor52a-n3
Rack: 53C24 Switch: rbx4-sdtor52b-n3
Rack: 53C15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor53a-n3
Rack: 53C15 Switch: rbx4-sdtor53b-n3
Rack: 56C14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor55a-n3
Rack: 56C14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor55b-n3
Rack: 53B13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor57a-n3
Rack: 53B13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor57b-n3
Rack: 53C16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor59a-n3
Rack: 53C16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor59b-n3
Rack: 53C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor60a-n3
Rack: 53C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor60b-n3
Rack: 55A01 Switch: rbx4-sdtor61a-n3
Rack: 55A01 Switch: rbx4-sdtor61b-n3
Rack: 56C12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor62a-n3
Rack: 56C12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor62b-n3
Rack: 56C10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor63a-n3
Rack: 56C10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor63b-n3
Rack: 56C16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor65a-n3
Rack: 56C16 Switch: rbx4-sdtor65b-n3
Rack: 53C17 Switch: rbx4-sdtor67a-n3
Rack: 53C17 Switch: rbx4-sdtor67b-n3
Rack: 55B10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor68a-n3
Rack: 55B10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor68b-n3
Rack: 55B11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor69a-n3
Rack: 55B11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor69b-n3
Rack: 55B21 Switch: rbx4-sdtor70a-n3
Rack: 55B21 Switch: rbx4-sdtor70b-n3
Rack: 55B12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor71a-n3
Rack: 55B12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor71b-n3
Rack: 55B09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor72a-n3
Rack: 55B09 Switch: rbx4-sdtor72b-n3
Rack: 55B25 Switch: rbx4-sdtor73a-n3
Rack: 55B25 Switch: rbx4-sdtor73b-n3
Rack: 55C14 Switch: rbx4-sdtor74b-n3
Rack: 55B22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor76a-n3
Rack: 55B22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor76b-n3
Rack: 55C11 Switch: rbx4-sdtor77b-n3
Rack: 55B24 Switch: rbx4-sdtor78a-n3
Rack: 55B24 Switch: rbx4-sdtor78b-n3
Rack: 55C13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor79b-n3
Rack: 55B23 Switch: rbx4-sdtor80a-n3
Rack: 55B23 Switch: rbx4-sdtor80b-n3
Rack: 55C12 Switch: rbx4-sdtor81b-n3
Rack: 55B26 Switch: rbx4-sdtor82a-n3
Rack: 55B26 Switch: rbx4-sdtor82b-n3
Rack: 54C13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor87a-n3
Rack: 54C13 Switch: rbx4-sdtor87b-n3
Rack: 54C23 Switch: rbx4-sdtor88a-n3
Rack: 54C23 Switch: rbx4-sdtor88b-n3
Rack: 54C22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor89a-n3
Rack: 54C22 Switch: rbx4-sdtor89b-n3
Rack: 56B19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor91a-n3
Rack: 56B19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor91b-n3
Rack: 54B03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor92a-n3
Rack: 54B03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor92b-n3
Rack: 56C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor93a-n3
Rack: 56C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor93b-n3
Rack: 56C02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor94a-n3
Rack: 56C03 Switch: rbx4-sdtor94b-n3
Rack: 53C10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor95a-n3
Rack: 53C10 Switch: rbx4-sdtor95b-n3
Rack: 55B18 Switch: rbx4-sdtor96a-n3
Rack: 55B18 Switch: rbx4-sdtor96b-n3
Rack: 54B02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor98a-n3
Rack: 54B02 Switch: rbx4-sdtor98b-n3
Rack: 55C19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor99a-n3
Rack: 55C19 Switch: rbx4-sdtor99b-n3
Rack: 46C17 Switch: rbx6-sdtor100a-n3
Rack: 46C20 Switch: rbx6-sdtor100b-n3
Rack: 46D05 Switch: rbx6-sdtor101b-n3
Rack: 46D15 Switch: rbx6-sdtor102a-n3
Rack: 46D16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor102b-n3
Rack: 46C08 Switch: rbx6-sdtor104a-n3
Rack: 46L02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor22a-n3
Rack: 46L02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor22b-n3
Rack: 46C10 Switch: rbx6-sdtor23b-n3
Rack: 46L14 Switch: rbx6-sdtor24a-n3
Rack: 46L14 Switch: rbx6-sdtor24b-n3
Rack: 46L15 Switch: rbx6-sdtor25a-n3
Rack: 46L15 Switch: rbx6-sdtor25b-n3
Rack: 46L16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor26a-n3
Rack: 46L16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor26b-n3
Rack: 46L03 Switch: rbx6-sdtor27a-n3
Rack: 46L03 Switch: rbx6-sdtor27b-n3
Rack: 46L04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor28a-n3
Rack: 46L04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor28b-n3
Rack: 46L05 Switch: rbx6-sdtor29a-n3
Rack: 46L05 Switch: rbx6-sdtor29b-n3
Rack: 46J27 Switch: rbx6-sdtor2a-n3
Rack: 46J27 Switch: rbx6-sdtor2b-n3
Rack: 46A05 Switch: rbx6-sdtor30a-n3
Rack: 46A02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor30b-n3
Rack: 46L06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor31a-n3
Rack: 46L06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor31b-n3
Rack: 46A04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor32a-n3
Rack: 46A07 Switch: rbx6-sdtor34a-n3
Rack: 46A07 Switch: rbx6-sdtor34b-n3
Rack: 46A09 Switch: rbx6-sdtor38a-n3
Rack: 46A06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor39a-n3
Rack: 46J28 Switch: rbx6-sdtor3a-n3
Rack: 46J28 Switch: rbx6-sdtor3b-n3
Rack: 46K06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor41a-n3
Rack: 46K06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor41b-n3
Rack: 46A13 Switch: rbx6-sdtor43a-n3
Rack: 46A11 Switch: rbx6-sdtor43b-n3
Rack: 46A28 Switch: rbx6-sdtor44b-n3
Rack: 46A20 Switch: rbx6-sdtor45b-n3
Rack: 46A15 Switch: rbx6-sdtor46a-n3
Rack: 46A16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor46b-n3
Rack: 46K07 Switch: rbx6-sdtor48a-n3
Rack: 46K07 Switch: rbx6-sdtor48b-n3
Rack: 46K11 Switch: rbx6-sdtor51a-n3
Rack: 46K11 Switch: rbx6-sdtor51b-n3
Rack: 46K12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor52a-n3
Rack: 46K12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor52b-n3
Rack: 46A29 Switch: rbx6-sdtor53a-n3
Rack: 46A30 Switch: rbx6-sdtor53b-n3
Rack: 46L12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor58a-n3
Rack: 46L12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor58b-n3
Rack: 46L13 Switch: rbx6-sdtor59a-n3
Rack: 46L13 Switch: rbx6-sdtor59b-n3
Rack: 46J18 Switch: rbx6-sdtor5a-n3
Rack: 46J18 Switch: rbx6-sdtor5b-n3
Rack: R622A09 Switch: rbx6-sdtor68a-n3
Rack: R622A09 Switch: rbx6-sdtor68b-n3
Rack: R622A04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor70a-n3
Rack: R622A04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor70b-n3
Rack: R622A01 Switch: rbx6-sdtor73a-n3
Rack: R622A01 Switch: rbx6-sdtor73b-n3
Rack: R622B08 Switch: rbx6-sdtor75a-n3
Rack: R622B08 Switch: rbx6-sdtor75b-n3
Rack: R622B02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor78a-n3
Rack: R622B02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor78b-n3
Rack: 46C04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor80a-n3
Rack: 46C04 Switch: rbx6-sdtor80b-n3
Rack: 46C09 Switch: rbx6-sdtor81a-n3
Rack: 46C16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor82a-n3
Rack: 46C16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor82b-n3
Rack: 46C05 Switch: rbx6-sdtor83a-n3
Rack: 46C18 Switch: rbx6-sdtor84b-n3
Rack: 46A21 Switch: rbx6-sdtor85a-n3
Rack: 46A24 Switch: rbx6-sdtor85b-n3
Rack: 46A25 Switch: rbx6-sdtor86b-n3
Rack: 46B22 Switch: rbx6-sdtor87a-n3
Rack: 46B24 Switch: rbx6-sdtor87b-n3
Rack: 46B30 Switch: rbx6-sdtor88a-n3
Rack: 46B31 Switch: rbx6-sdtor88b-n3
Rack: 46B18 Switch: rbx6-sdtor89a-n3
Rack: 46B21 Switch: rbx6-sdtor89b-n3
Rack: 46B15 Switch: rbx6-sdtor90a-n3
Rack: 46B16 Switch: rbx6-sdtor90b-n3
Rack: 46C02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor91a-n3
Rack: 46C03 Switch: rbx6-sdtor91b-n3
Rack: 46C11 Switch: rbx6-sdtor92a-n3
Rack: 46D11 Switch: rbx6-sdtor92b-n3
Rack: 46C13 Switch: rbx6-sdtor93a-n3
Rack: 46C12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor93b-n3
Rack: 46B10 Switch: rbx6-sdtor94b-n3
Rack: 46C07 Switch: rbx6-sdtor95b-n3
Rack: 46C06 Switch: rbx6-sdtor96b-n3
Rack: 46B12 Switch: rbx6-sdtor97a-n3
Rack: 46B19 Switch: rbx6-sdtor98a-n3
Rack: 46B23 Switch: rbx6-sdtor98b-n3
Rack: 46D02 Switch: rbx6-sdtor99a-n3
Rack: 46D01 Switch: rbx6-sdtor99b-n3
Rack: R709A04 Switch: rbx7-sdtor100a-n3
Rack: R709A04 Switch: rbx7-sdtor100b-n3
Rack: R709A09 Switch: rbx7-sdtor101a-n3
Rack: R709A09 Switch: rbx7-sdtor101b-n3
Rack: R709A06 Switch: rbx7-sdtor102a-n3
Rack: R709A06 Switch: rbx7-sdtor102b-n3
Rack: R709A03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor103a-n3
Rack: R709A03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor103b-n3
Rack: R709A01 Switch: rbx7-sdtor104a-n3
Rack: R709A01 Switch: rbx7-sdtor104b-n3
Rack: R709A02 Switch: rbx7-sdtor105a-n3
Rack: R709A02 Switch: rbx7-sdtor105b-n3
Rack: R710A23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor107a-n3
Rack: R710A23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor107b-n3
Rack: R710A22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor108a-n3
Rack: R710A22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor108b-n3
Rack: R710A19 Switch: rbx7-sdtor109a-n3
Rack: R710A19 Switch: rbx7-sdtor109b-n3
Rack: R710A20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor111a-n3
Rack: R710A20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor111b-n3
Rack: R710A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor112a-n3
Rack: R710A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor112b-n3
Rack: R710A17 Switch: rbx7-sdtor114a-n3
Rack: R710A17 Switch: rbx7-sdtor114b-n3
Rack: R709B18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor115a-n3
Rack: R709B18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor115b-n3
Rack: R710A18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor116a-n3
Rack: R710A18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor116b-n3
Rack: R710A13 Switch: rbx7-sdtor117a-n3
Rack: R710A13 Switch: rbx7-sdtor117b-n3
Rack: R703A12 Switch: rbx7-sdtor14a-n3
Rack: R703A12 Switch: rbx7-sdtor14b-n3
Rack: R703A07 Switch: rbx7-sdtor17a-n3
Rack: R703A07 Switch: rbx7-sdtor17b-n3
Rack: R703A06 Switch: rbx7-sdtor22a-n3
Rack: R703A06 Switch: rbx7-sdtor22b-n3
Rack: R703A02 Switch: rbx7-sdtor24a-n3
Rack: R703A02 Switch: rbx7-sdtor24b-n3
Rack: R703A20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor2a-n3
Rack: R703A20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor2b-n3
Rack: R703B21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor32a-n3
Rack: R703B21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor32b-n3
Rack: R703B16 Switch: rbx7-sdtor33a-n3
Rack: R703b16 Switch: rbx7-sdtor33b-n3
Rack: R703B10 Switch: rbx7-sdtor39a-n3
Rack: R703B10 Switch: rbx7-sdtor39b-n3
Rack: R703B11 Switch: rbx7-sdtor40a-n3
Rack: R703B11 Switch: rbx7-sdtor40b-n3
Rack: R703B05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor46a-n3
Rack: R703B05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor46b-n3
Rack: R703B03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor50a-n3
Rack: R703B03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor50b-n3
Rack: R704A24 Switch: rbx7-sdtor54a-n3
Rack: R704A24 Switch: rbx7-sdtor54b-n3
Rack: R704A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor57a-n3
Rack: R704A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor57b-n3
Rack: R704A14 Switch: rbx7-sdtor61a-n3
Rack: R704A14 Switch: rbx7-sdtor61b-n3
Rack: R709B22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor65a-n3
Rack: R709B22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor65b-n3
Rack: R704A07 Switch: rbx7-sdtor68a-n3
Rack: R704A07 Switch: rbx7-sdtor68b-n3
Rack: R704A09 Switch: rbx7-sdtor70a-n3
Rack: R704A09 Switch: rbx7-sdtor70b-n3
Rack: R704A04 Switch: rbx7-sdtor71a-n3
Rack: R704A04 Switch: rbx7-sdtor71b-n3
Rack: R704A05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor74a-n3
Rack: R704A05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor74b-n3
Rack: R709B23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor75a-n3
Rack: R709B23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor75b-n3
Rack: R709B24 Switch: rbx7-sdtor76a-n3
Rack: R709B24 Switch: rbx7-sdtor76b-n3
Rack: R704A01 Switch: rbx7-sdtor79a-n3
Rack: R704A01 Switch: rbx7-sdtor79b-n3
Rack: R703A22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor7a-n3
Rack: R703A22 Switch: rbx7-sdtor7b-n3
Rack: R704A03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor80a-n3
Rack: R704A03 Switch: rbx7-sdtor80b-n3
Rack: R709A19 Switch: rbx7-sdtor84a-n3
Rack: R709A19 Switch: rbx7-sdtor84b-n3
Rack: R709A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor86a-n3
Rack: R709A21 Switch: rbx7-sdtor86b-n3
Rack: R709A17 Switch: rbx7-sdtor88a-n3
Rack: R709A17 Switch: rbx7-sdtor88b-n3
Rack: R709A18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor89a-n3
Rack: R709A18 Switch: rbx7-sdtor89b-n3
Rack: R703A23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor8a-n3
Rack: R703A23 Switch: rbx7-sdtor8b-n3
Rack: R709A14 Switch: rbx7-sdtor91a-n3
Rack: R709A14 Switch: rbx7-sdtor91b-n3
Rack: R709A15 Switch: rbx7-sdtor92a-n3
Rack: R709A15 Switch: rbx7-sdtor92b-n3
Rack: R709B20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor94a-n3
Rack: R709B20 Switch: rbx7-sdtor94b-n3
Rack: R709A11 Switch: rbx7-sdtor95a-n3
Rack: R709A11 Switch: rbx7-sdtor95b-n3
Rack: R709A12 Switch: rbx7-sdtor96a-n3
Rack: R709A12 Switch: rbx7-sdtor96b-n3
Rack: R709A05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor99a-n3
Rack: R709A05 Switch: rbx7-sdtor99b-n3
Posted Sep 11, 2018 - 17:06 UTC