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FS#14231 — rf-1-a1
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Network & Infrastructure
Following the incident on 29 July -, we've identified several ways of improving the network's resilience and reducing the impact of similar outages.

We will move 2 links between rf-1-a1 and GSW towards TH2. Initially we will go via gsw-1-n7 <> th2-1-n7 to mount the BGP session with th2-1-a9 (today there are 2 rf-1-a1 <> gsw-1-a9 BGP sessions).
When we get the necessary optical links, we will physically move these links: rf-1-a1 will be directly connected to th2-1-n7 to get the best redundancy possible.

This operation should run without any impact and is scheduled for the night of Wednesday (from 00.01am on 05 August).
Posted Aug 03, 2015 - 16:46 UTC